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Dr Deana Jovanović

Dr Deana Jovanovic, an anthropologist based on Utrecht University, has set in motion this project and this website to facilitate engagements of the citizens living in the IJmond  region, and to document pollution and gather more data on the everyday life in this region. Deana researches how the futures are made and contested in late-industrial urban environments and she is Assistant Professor of cultural anthropology at Utrecht University. Deana is the main researcher at this project and she conceived and  manages VisionYourVoice within the project Renew, supported by the Transforming Cities – Pathways to Sustainability (Transforming Cities – Pathways to Sustainability – Utrecht University (, The main idea is to understand better the ways in which the futures are made amidst industrial pollution in in the region of the  North-West coastal area of the Netherlands by collecting the visual documentation by the very citizens. She initiated this project to learn more about the conditions of living in this area and to build less developed interdisciplinary platforms  which will facilitate collaboration between the researchers and the societal actors in the polluted region.  Deana so far supervised several Master thesis at the prestigious Master program Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship that ethnographically  explored the lived experiences in the IJmond-region amidst pollution. However, the engagement of social sciences with this issue is still very limited.

This project has been endorsed by an interdisciplinary team at Utrecht university, actively engaged in research of sustainability (Dr Otsuki Kei, Associate Professor  International Development Studies at Utrecht University (Human Geography and Spatial Planning, Geosciences),  Dr Helbich Marco (Associate Professor, Geosciences, Human Geography and Planning, Urban Geography (Utrecht University), Dr. Ozan Alakavuklar  (Associate Professor, Law, Economics and Governance, School of Governance, Organisation Science, Utrecht University).